“So… This Washes Off, Right?” – My First Tattoo!


I’ve wanted a tattoo for years. I’ve always known that I’d get one one day and always had a few tattoo designs that I liked but to be honest I was quite indecisive. I never figured out quite where I wanted a tattoo and that always put me off. Finally I decided to go to Devils Own (which was recommended by a friend). I basically went in, told them what I wanted and they were so helpful. I paid my deposit and it had been booked in for Wednesday 16th November! YAAS! 🙌🏽

I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get it done. I had already shown the tattoo artist the sort of design I wanted, and it was all drawn up for me, and within ten minutes I was sat on the tattoo chair. Sitting there waiting was the only nerve wrecking part. Just waiting for the needle. 😅 After the needle touched skin I was okay!

When she started… well there was a kind of pain, but it wasn’t a pain that would make you cry or shout. Just a… ticklish pain. Very bearable. Getting stomach ache is worse. Threading your eyebrows is worse. Soon I got used to the ‘pain’… and when I was done, I couldn’t even remember the pain clearly.

All the staff were beyond helpful, they were so lovely and chatty and really put my mind at ease. Throughout the tattoo (which was so quick) they kept asking if I was okay and checking that I was able to cope with the needle. Afterwards she sat me down and explained in full all of the aftercare, answering any questions I had, which for a worrier like me was extremely appreciated. 😊



So, if you’re considering a tattoo my tips would be to just go for it! Mine was kind of spur of the moment, kind of not, but I knew what design I liked and finally chose a place to put it and just went for it. Lots of people say to put tons of thought into it. I did and I didn’t. But I’m so happy and have absolutely no regrets. Obviously everyone is different and for some, a tattoo can take years of careful planning but for me, this way was the best. Having not much anticipation worked wonders for me, I think having it planned months or even years in advance would have made me an indecisive anxious mess!  😂

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Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 18.23.04

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