There’s A Hole in My Nose; Unplanned Piercing


Much to the chagrin of my mother and grandmother, I had a hole poked through my nose. You see, I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile. By awhile, I mean over the past 4 years, only because I had it done once before and was left with a lump and now a scar. It was impromptu, it was just an innocent visit to Kazbah to get my mum a nose ring for Christmas, and next thing I know she’s asking me to get one, after trying for 4 years, she finally persuaded me.

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There are some key things that you need to consider when getting a nose piercing…

First of all: Would you still want it a few months down the line?  Would you like it-because it’s permanent? You have to ask yourself these questions, because after all it is a hole that will be in your face and therefore, you have to make sure that this is FOR SURE something you would like to have.

Another thing to consider is: What nostril would you like it on?  What style- hoop or stud? These are simple questions that you’ll need to think about, but these are important because you will have to tell your piercer which side you’ll want and what kind of stud you’d want.

Something else to consider is: What will your school/ workplace say about piercings? Before you do ANYTHING, you must find out whether facial piercings are acceptable in your place of work or school. This is because if you were to get pierced, and you went back to work/school and they said it was not acceptable, that would totally suck! So check that out.


Honestly, yes and no. I wasn’t afraid of the pain, that was the last thing on my mind, I just hoped I liked it after it was all done! The process was so quick, he pierced my nose and all I felt was a pinch and my eyes only watered a fraction, but that was all, and now a few days later, I keep turning it because I don’t want it to become stiff, but only a bit of pain! But do note that everyone’s pain thresholds are different. Just remember to stay as calm as possible and then it shouldn’t seem to bad.

Now a few days later, I think I’m warming up to it, and I’m so glad I got it!  If you are debating a nose piercing, I say go for it!

Snapchat: devanshi25 đź’›

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