Review: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette


So, I’ve decided to do another review, and today is Urban Decay’s famous Naked 3 Palette. I’m lucky enough to have amazing friends that bought me it for Christmas so shoutout to my fave gals ❤️ Anyway, there aren’t as many reviews on this palette so I decided I’d add to that little amount!


Firstly, it is a high end eyeshadow palette and it does not come cheap. It’s £38.50 in the UK, but if you’re a student go on the Urban Decay site and you can get 10% off it and a free sample from UD (which you get to pick) along with free delivery. Also, genuine Urban Decay products are cruelty free! 😉 You can buy it *here*!

The packaging itself is great, it feels and looks expensive. The palette is quite heavy and the pans inside are filled to the top, so you do get your money’s worth.

It is such a girly palette. Full of pinks, purples, and warm blacks. The finishes are lovely too, from ultra smooth mattes, gorgeous pearls and shimmery metallics. The finishes and shades are perfect for any outfit. I usually use this palette if I’m wearing pink, blush or nude coloured clothing! 🌸

The brush you get with it is great, it’s a very good quality brush, I couldn’t use any other for my eye shadows now. If you use the primer with the eyeshadow, one brush has more of a smudged end and the other has more of a precise end, for detail. I can’t say enough about the eyeshadow, apart from the fact it applies so well, blends well, and stays on so well.


Let’s cover the basics. 12 shades – three mattes and nine shimmers – lined up in a rose gold metal case 😍

Strange – “a pale neutral pink matte-satin“. A light peach matte that’s actually pretty unique in my collection. I reckon this will come in handy for under brow highlighting when more warmer eye looks are in progress.

Dust – “pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter“. I have to admit the words ‘iridescent micro-glitter’ do not set my heart a flutter, and though pretty in shade, the texture of this one is a bit too gritty for my tastes.

Burnout – “light pinky-peach satin“. A pale not-too-pink pink that reminds me somewhat of Sin, I can see myself getting quite a lot of use out of this – one for green eyed gals to give a go. Required: lashings and lashings of mascara to pair with it.

Limit – “light dusty rose matte“. Again a colour that comes in as a new entry to my collection. The texture of this matte is like butter; love it. I say this will be good as a crease warmer-upper.

Buzz – “metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter“. Oh no, it’s those words again, though Buzz is a more like a packed pigment and leaves behind a foiled effect when swatched, I’m still not sure I’ll get much use out of this one.

Trick – “light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with tonal micro-sparkle“. This is one of my favourites from the palette. Yep, the sparkle is still there but the rusty gold shade is just screaming to be sported on a Christmas night out.

Nooner – “medium pinky-brown matte“. Bizarrely this is my favourite, favourite. A matte shade, that I predict with one quick sweep over the eye will give that appearance of definition without looking too polished or done, and you know I’m all over that.

Liar – “medium metallic mauve shimmer“. The next three to me when swatched look pretty similar – all deep browns with a tweak in their undertone. This is the most golden and pinky of ’em and one I think I could sport equally well for daytime or nighttime looks.

Factory – “pinky-brown satin“. This is like a straight-up rich brown with a not too in-yer-face dose of shimmer. A good crease shade and one that will look fab with a little under eye smudge.

Mugshot – “metallic taupe shimmer with slight pink shift“. A classic silver-laced greyish taupe. I reckon I’ll be whipping this out as part of my ‘one-wash-wonder’ gang.

Darkside – “deep taupe-mauve satin“. A deep, deep purple brown that I can see being a lot of peoples go-to in smokey eye times. A hint of shimmer keeps things looking fresh and in some lights it has a hint of MAC’s Smut about it.

Blackheart – “smoky black matte with rosy red micro-sparkle“. I’m not usually fan of the darkest colours in the Naked line, but this one? Well, even I can appreciate it’s beautiful. I doubt I’ll be using it daily, but it’s a beaut of a colour nonetheless.



In comparison to the other two Naked offerings the third is the pinkest of the bunch, if you hadn’t picked that up from the official shade descriptions, and kinda of the most contrasting; the left-side playing up to pretty pastel hues and the right side getting down to the smokey nitty gritty, there’s not much middle ground. But the creators have somehow made it different enough from the other two without alienating neutral lid lovers. ✨

Overall, this palette is beautiful, high-quality and a very good value for money. The eyeshadows are pigmented, the transfer of the colour from the palette to the eyelid is great. Eyeshadows are easy to blend and build. I recommend! 😱

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Do you have any Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes? If so, which one(s)?, If not, which one(s) are you wanting to try? Talk to me in the comments below! 🥰

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