Natural Beauty: Coconut Oil


Coconut oil has become seemingly popular within the beauty department. Most people including myself will use Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (you can buy it *here*) and that’s because it’s more sensitive on the skin. Today I’m going to share with you some benefits of coconut oil! 🌴


Bath Oil 

A hot bath infused with a few drops of the oil has a deeply relaxing and moisturising effect, leaving you with beautifully soft skin and a softly sophisticated scent. Its natural antioxidant property also makes it great for both preventing and stopping skin irritation.

Make Up Remover 

Coconut oil is a great product from removing make up, especially around the eye area as it won’t irritate your eyes or your skin. It will also provide extra moister/hydration to your skin which will prevent wrinkles! All I do is apply the coconut oil to a cotton pad or cotton ball and in small circles gently remove the makeup around my eyes. If you’re using it to remove all your make up then simply rub it into your skin and use a warm damp cloth to remove.

Although it removes make up ironically  it’s great as a base for when you’re applying make up! If you have dry skin and after you apply your base you can still see the dryness, then coconut oil is your saviour! By mixing it into your foundation or base which you’re using it will help hydrate your skin.

Hair Mask/Moisturiser 

As said, coconut oil is great for moisture which means it’s a perfect product for your hair! The coconut oil will restore dry and damaged hair locking in the moisture leaving it silky and soft! To do this, you can use it either like a hair mask or more as a conditioner.

For the hair mask, rub some into your hands and start at the ends of your hair making your way up (adding more oil where you need it). Once completing, comb your hair through and put your hair up in either a bun or some plaits.You then leave it in for an hour and wash it out.

For the conditioner, you can add some to your daily conditioner to boost the moisture and leave it in for 5 minutes. Or replace the conditioner with coconut oil and put it in your hair like you would and then after a couple of minutes wash it out.



Coconut oil has anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties which makes it beneficial for immune support. These properties also enable quick healing and disinfection of burns, scratches, injuries and infections. This applies to spots as well.

Teeth Whitener 

Oil in your mouth!? Trust me, I don’t like the idea of it either. But the great thing about this product is that it honestly doesn’t leave a thick hardened substance on your palate. All you need to achieve this is as followed; 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and 1 toothbrush! All you have to do is put the mixture on your teeth and leave it there for the desired amount of time (I usually do it for about 3:30 minutes!), you then rinse with warm water and then voila it’s done!

Body Lotion

Coconut oil has a moisturising and nourishing effect on the skin. It has natural antioxidant properties making it great for stopping wrinkles and skin irritation. Slather coconut oil on your skin after a shower as its creamy texture makes it perfect for a glowing skin. The light tropical scent lingers on your skin after application which leaves you feeling all refreshed and, might I add, glamorous.


Under Eye Cream 

A dab of coconut oil just before bed provides a long-lasting hydration for the skin, leaving it gleaming with health. I always try to pay attention to the delicate skin under my eye, which is prone to dark circles and puffiness. Just a little pinch and rub and voila! My own under-eye cream.

Natural Body Deodorant 

Coconut oil leaves you feeling like a tropical fruit after application because of its long-lasting and appealing scent. Its antibacterial properties also make it helpful in fighting body odour.

Here Are Some More Benefits! 

  • Shaving Gel, it will help to prevent those unwanted ingrown hair and rash! All you do it apply to your skin, shave and pat! Leaving your skin unforgettably smooth. Coconut oil is also a great after-shave. Apply before shave and watch the razor glide smoothly and after shave to prevent any rash.
  • A Body Scrub, you can make your own body scrub by adding one ingredient to coconut oil which is brown sugar. By scrubbing it over your body you will get smoother skin. The oil with hydrate and moisture and the sugar will remove dead skin.
  • Lip Balm, it will help lock in moisture and prevent dry/chapped lips! Using your finger or a cotton bud, dip it in the coconut oil and run it across your lips.


Coconut oil has a high melting point. Therefore, it is solid at room temperature and melts when the temperature rises. Coconut oil need not be refrigerated.
If it is in solid form and its purpose requires it to be melted, do not microwave (duh). It can be put in a bowl of hot water or placed above the fireplace. Or better still, placed outside in the sunshine.


Coconut oil really IS a wonder oil. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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