Oversized Denim Jacket Loving


It’s ALWAYS denim jacket season, I shall rejoice and revel knowing it’s something that I can wear all year round. I feel I had been starved of denim glory when I didn’t have one, there’s something about an oversized denim jacket which just screams *wear me* with every outfit, maybe I’m just drawn in by the ‘cool’ vibe it seems to emit. There’s no surprise then, that this has been my go to outfit in recent weeks – I’ve found it works when you’re not quite sure what to wear, be it due to the temperamental English weather or the classic floordrobe moment that leaves you in despair, scrambling for some sense of a pleasing outfit – the denim jacket saves all!  😋


It’s versatilty comes from being able to style  it in different ways. And don’t we all love something we could wear over and over again and still look great? From jumpers to  dresses, the over-sized denim jacket has proven to be a wardrobe must have. Here are 3 fab ways to style an oversized denim jacket! 😘


With a Jumper: This look is perrrrrfect for autumn as you can top it with a scarf and be all cosy, and it is one of my go to outfits, literally any colour jumper would go with this! 🍂


With a Hoodie: This is another go to look just because it’s incredibly comfy and looks like you’ve made an effort when really you’re just trying to layer on because the British weather is unpredictable so you’re prepared with a hood for the rain! ☔️


With a Dress: This would definitely be a cute date outfit, but definitely for summer, but you can style an oversized denim jacket with technically any dress, such as a slip dress, bodycon dress and even a LBD! 🌟

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Which of the looks are your favourite? How would you style an oversized denim jacket?  Talk to me in the comments below! ☺️

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 18.23.04

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