Review: Eyelash Extensions


Having very long and thick lashes has been one of women’s known desire’s since the early days. Eyes with fluttery lashes just makes someone extra pretty without all the fuss of putting eye make up. Some people have naturally long and thick lashes, but unfortunately that’s not me, and I finally decided to do something about it!

I’ve been wanting to get lash extensions for SO long! It’s one of those things I see on other people and think “wow…they look so wide awake with zero makeup on – give me NOW”. I feel like lash extensions make people look put together with virtually no effort put in. It took me forever to do it because, like some of you, I had my hesitations – will they ruin my lashes forever? Is maintaining them the worst? Are they reaaally worth it? The doubts kept going! That all recently changed after finally taking the plunge to get them, and I’m so happy that I did.

You know that friend of yours…the one that when she talks you pretend like you’re listening but really you’re focused on how insanely perfect her lashes are. No? Just me? Well, every time I see my bestie Alisha, I am mesmerised (and so annoyed that her lashes are naturally long! – but happy for you too leesh!!

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Instagram, you will have most likely seen “before and after” shots of women who have just gotten eyelash extensions. If you’re as easily influenced as I am, then you’ll know that seeing those pictures is enough to make you want to call your local salon and book an appointment. Long, dark lashes everyday.. without putting on makeup?


It’s definitely tempting.

So, I went and had some semi-perm individual eyelashes (lasts up to 2-3 weeks) applied at this lovely little Leicester/Peterborough-based salon called BBs Beauty & Brow Bar exactly 3 weeks back from today.

My Experience


The lashes took around 45 minutes to apply. Pads were put underneath my eyes whilst I kept my lids closed and had each lash added. The time went fairly quickly as I chatted away and there was no discomfort or pain when being applied. There was slight discomfort when opening my eyes but that’s all! The lashes looked gorgeous in my opinion and were weightless – It didn’t feel like I was wearing extensions at all and I loved them!

First Week

This week flew by and I was absolutely in LOVE with my lashes. I didn’t have to bother with mascara and loved how they looked. I was very careful not to touch my eyes too much or wash them – attempting to keep my lashes in perfect condition. By the end of the first week my lashes looked nearly exactly the same as when I had them applied (other than a very little few that had come off).

Second Week

Towards the end of the second week a few of my lashes had started to fall out naturally and clump slightly. I think my careful attention looking after them did keep more from falling out naturally. It was starting to get a little tricky however as when one lash fell out it was often glued to another and so would clump to the next lash and weigh it down. All in all however my lashes still looked amazing!

Third Week

Today is exactly three weeks from application. They still look very neat and fairly full (despite me removing some). I do have a few lashes that annoy me, mostly because the of the positioning of the extensions as they clump together causing them to become uneven on the lash line- some lashes will be high up whilst others drop low.

It is recommended that you go back to the salon for refills every 2-3 weeks and now I understand why. I would assume that as well as refilling lashes they would also come to the aid of clumped lashes too. I’ve decided not to venture back to the salon just yet as my lashes actually still look good after two weeks and I’m still very happy with them despite some ups and downs!

So should you invest?

Lash extensions cost anything between £30 and upwards and refills can come in at around £15 every fortnight or more so it’s an extravagance to be certain. But is it worth the money? I’ve shocked myself a little as I’d have to say yes I think it is. It’s of course a bit of a novelty, a bit frustrating and expensive but if I were deciding between lash extensions or a £30 massage I would always choose lashes.

I’ve loved having glamorous long thick lashes which I wake up to in the morning already looking glam. Not having to think about mascara or worry about mascara runs in the gym. And just having something that makes you feel a little bit prettier is always nice. I have to say I love them!

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  • Getting them done is a torturous pain in the hip if you can’t lie still, but at BBs Beauty & Brow Bar, the staff are incredibly friendly and are very reassuring through the whole treatment!

  • I try to avoid rubbing my eyes at all. I don’t want them to fall out so I take extra care when removing eye make up!
  • I pretty much avoid most eye makeup when I have lash extensions on. You can certainly use eyeliners, eyeshadow, etc. but again, I think the less you “do” in the eye area, the longer they will last. Plus, I like a pretty natural look so I don’t do much eye makeup anyways (well, I haven’t worn any makeup ever since I got my lashes done!!)
  • Brush your lashes on a regular basis to make sure they stay untangled. You can do this easily with a clean mascara wand (I like to grab a few from the little makeup stations in Lush for free!)

If you are interested in getting some eyelash extensions done, I really recommend BBs Beauty & Brow Bar, they have 2 salons, one in Highcross Leicester, and another in Westgate Arcade in Peterborough!

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Have you tried eyelash extensions? If so, how was your experience? Talk to me in the comments below! 🥰

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