Review: Urban Decay Naked Palette


I basically started jumping up and down when I unpacked this baby, as I had been planning to buy it for myself for some time now. I absolutely adore My Naked3 Palette, which obviously boosted my interest in the other palettes. Naked 3 is gorgeous with its rosey shades, but Naked original is, well, the original. There’s a reason why this became such a cult favourite. And now that I’ve tried both, I have to say: even though I have neutral to cool colouring in my skin tone, I think the Naked original palette is even better than Naked3. This palette has literally everything you need to create incredibly flattering looks, whether you go subtle or a bit more smokey. You can buy it *here*, I love love love it! ❤️



As you probably know by now Urban Decay Naked Palette is a collection of twelve creamy, neutral powder shadows.  The shades range from champagne to bronze, to chocolate, to charcoal.  The collection includes seven of Urban Decay’s bestsellers and five exclusive shades. 😆

It’s packaged in a velvety chocolate brown exterior, which makes it look sleek and sophisticated–it’s probably one of the classier products I’ve seen come from the brand, actually. It feels very luxe and not quite Urban Decay–but I think it’s a good thing, and it’s nice to see. This is also an amazing value palette.💥

This is a warm-toned neutral palette with 2 matte & 10 shimmer shades. It comes in a brown velvet case with a magnetic closure and a small mirror on the inside. The shades are: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half-Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep and Gunmetal. The Naked Palette is priced at £39.50 and my most used shades are Half Baked, Buck, Hustle, Naked and Virgin. 😍


Virgin – “nude satin“. I use this shade a bundle on my inner eye, it’s the perfect cool beige pale shimmer. It’s very, very light, but it’s such a beautiful neutral. It’s a little frosty for a highlighter, particularly on darker skin tones, but it would make for a great all-over wash or pop of light on the inner tear duct.

Sin – “champagne shimmer“. My favourite highlight. Champagne with a touch of pink and a frostier finish.

Naked – “buff matte“. The best everyday all over shade. It has a very soft, smooth texture–not at all powdery or chalky.

Side Car “beige sparkle“. With almost a red undertone. Sidecar is a much more shimmer glittery shadow. It’s beautiful and glittery and generally beautiful.

Buck “warm brown matte“. The greatest crease colour for a workday. It’s really a darker version of Naked. It has the same silky smooth texture and rich color pay off of Naked, too.

Half Baked  “gold toned bronze shimmer“. Shimmery shade with gold undertones, Half Baked is your classic pretty golden colour that is perfect for spring and summer that can easily be blended out into pretty much any shade.

Smog “golden brown shimmer“. A dark brown shimmer that would be great for use on the outer lid. Would be a great colour to use for a smoky eye.

Dark Horse – “dark brown plum shimmer“. Darkened deep chocolate brown with flecks of bronze. This is a more cool-toned brown, slightly more grey than Smog. Darkhorse isn’t exactly matte, but isn’t really a shimmer either. It’s more of a semi-matte, another one great for use either in the crease or the outer corner of your eye.

Toasted – “taupe bronze“. My favourite.  It’s just the prettiest. This is another brown with a slightly pink appearance. It’s another shimmer shade, and pairs nicely with Hustle. This colour could be used on the mobile lid, if you were to go in with Hustle on the outer corners, or on the outer corner if paired with a lighter shade such as Sidecar.

Hustle “mocha shimmer“. I love this paired with Toasted. A dark brown-purple shimmer shade, goes great with Toasted. Great for use on the outer corners and is one of the darkest shades in the palette.

Creep “black metallic“. Darkened blue-black base with silver and teal shimmer. This is one of the oddball shades in the palette. In the pan, it looks like a very dark blue shimmer, but it comes off on the skin as more of a matte black. There are some glitter particles in this shade, so there is some sort of sparkle to it when you swatch it.

Gunmetal“dark grey with sparkle“. Blue-grey metallic that really must be seen to be appreciated.



‘Baby, where have you been all my life?’ I exclaimed the first time I used the shadows in the Naked Palette.  In that moment I realised I’d been kissing a lot (A LOT) of frogs for years.  These shadows are so, so creamy, packed with pigment, have very little fall out and blend beautifully.  The palette itself is a feast for the senses.  Long and slim, it’s covered in chocolate brown velvet.  Although not the most practical of materials, it is pretty damn luxe.


12 beautiful, beautiful neutral colours that is really flattering on any skin tone

  • Contains full range of colours from highlight (Virgin, Sin) to basic contouring (Naked, Buck) to dark colours for adding depth (Darkhorse, Creep) which also means it takes you from Day to Night
  • Super blendable and velvety texture
  • High pigmentation
  • No fallouts
  • Strong lasting power of 8 hours
  • Awesome brand and feel of the product (makes me happy just having it haha)
  • Comes with high quality double ended brush (truly travel friendly!)
  • Only 2 matte shades.  I really love Naked and Buck, they are awesome shades but sometimes just wish there is 1 or 2 more matte shades in other tones to play around with.
  • Velvety exterior (a plus for some, but not for me) gets dirty easily so needs more care
  • All shadows are same size but obviously we will never use as much Creep as Sin or Naked. Would prefer if they contain more product of the base shades although that might mess up the 12 symmetric look of the palette.
  • Pricey.  But I’d say for the quality and the lovely colours, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment if you love neutral shades for your eyes.  Certainly not expensive if you reach for it daily! 🙂

Every single eyeshadow is pigmented in its own capacity. Each has its own function. There is a gorgeous mix of shimmery ,mattes and satin finish shadows. Easy to travel with and works just everywhere. The eye shadows stay on forever. The finish of every single eyeshadow is pretty. There are a ton of looks you can do with this palette.  They don’t crease or fade. I guess Urban Decay Naked Palette totally lives up to its hype! 😱

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Do you have any Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes? If so, which one(s)?, If not, which one(s) are you wanting to try? Talk to me in the comments below! 🥰

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