Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother vs. Big Bang Theory


Long time no see/speak! However you want to see it haha! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a post, I’ve been busy with university and moving back home! But I have a few ideas for future posts and I’m hoping to get back into this soon and to make it a regular thing! I’m making my return with a few thoughts I’ve had gathered in my mind for a while and with the help of Brad, we realised there are too many similarities and I needed to write them down, and then the idea came to me that why don’t I just write a post on it? So here you are! 😊

There is always that one TV series that you become addicted to and when that series comes to an end you have absolutely no idea what you’ll do for that specific 20 minutes of your life anymoreÂ đŸ˜©Â  Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and Big Bang Theory are the comedy series that I can watch a million times and still not get bored of it!

Even now, almost 24 years after the first season of Friends had aired, I still watch some episodes whenever I get the chance, especially now that it’s on Netflix!😛 I know for a fact that even though Friends ended in 2004, all die-hard fans are still in love and haven’t really found a replacement. And how can they? The love, laughter and struggles of the six young friends were just too real and at the same time too humorous to be replaced that easily 😉

It’s not much of a secret that Friends and How I Met Your Mother basically follow the same plot and scenario. Both shows focus on a group of six friends, chilling at a pub in New York, and there are side plots in between. But the similarities between these go much deeper, and at the end, you might think that How I Met Your Mother copied Friends. That’s not the case, but one can’t ignore how many similarities these two shows share. Not only have I found the similarities in those 2 shows, but you can also add Big Bang Theory into this equation! đŸ˜±Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and Big Bang Theory are shows that I’ve seen thoroughly enough to be able to find these similarities and I continue to watch them or leave them on in the background when I’m getting ready or doing some work, PLUS THEY’RE ALL ON NETFLIX!đŸ€Ș

Let’s take a look at the similarities I’ve found from Friends that was then used in How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory! â˜ș

Girls that leave their city to aspire to be something more:

Rachel leaves Barry at the alter, moves to NYC, and lives with Monica!

Penny leaves Nebraska and moves to LA and aspires to be an actress!

Robin leaves Canada and moves to NYC to follow her career in Journalism.


Joey and Chandler

Raj and Howard

Ted and Marshall





Penny or Amy (?) – Now there is no where in the show that says that this is true, but following from previous assumptions on the similarities, there is a 50% chance that Penny or Amy might also be infertile.

On/Off Couples:

Penny and Leonard

Rachel and Ross

Robin and Ted

Image result for robin and ted how i met your mother gif


 Disappointed Parent:







Howard (wanna-be womaniser)

Highlight of Career:

Howard with NASA

Ted with New GNB Headquarters 

Image result for TED Gnb quarters gif


Ross’s Conference in Barbados 





Love Triangle/Share A Girl:

Joey and Ross with Rachel

Ted and Barney with Robin


Leonard and Howard with Stephanie


Ted cheats on Victoria with Robin 

Ross cheats on Rachel with Chloe – WE WERE ON A BREAK!!

Leonard cheats on Penny with Mandy

Friends Officiating Wedding:

Joey officiates Chandler and Monica’s Wedding 

Leonard, Sheldon, Amy, Raj, and Penny officiate Howard and Bernadette’s Wedding

Barney officiates Marshall and Lily’s Wedding 

Don’t Want To Know the Sex of the Baby:

Lily and Marshall

Ross and Rachel

Howard and Bernadette

Songwriters of the Group:



Howard and Raj

Correcting Other Characters:





Learning Sports To Impress Girl:

Ross with Rugby to impress Emily

Leonard with American Football to impress Penny

Lover’s with Hockey to impress Robin

Parent’s Abandon Child:




‘Mini’ Celebrity:

Joey  – Actor

Howard – Astronaut

Robin -Robin Sparkles

From Another Country:

Robin  – Canada

Raj  – India

Rajesh koothrappali GIF - Find on GIFER

Joey  – Comes from an Italian-American Family

Sleep with Best Friend’s Sister:

Chandler with Monica (Ross’s Sister)

Leonard with Priya (Raj’s Sister)

Ted with Carly (Barney’s Sister)

Didn’t go to University/College like Other Characters:



Image result for joey and phoebe gif


Male Character that Has A Soft Side:




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Have you found any other similarities in the shows mentioned above? Talk to me in the comments below!Â đŸ„°

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 18.23.04

This blog is NOT sponsored and all opinions are my own. However a few are Brad’s! 😂


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