How I Plan and Organise my Day, Week and Month


Ever feel like there’s just not enough time in a week? With a job, family, and housework to balance, sometimes it seems impossible to indulge in hobbies or even just relax! Although it may seem counterintuitive, taking the time to plan your week in advance can help you manage the responsibilities of life much easier. It can even free up time for the fun things on your list, too.

What I needed was a planner that could organise both my home life AND work life, and help me stay on top of both my daily responsibilities and my long-term goals. I wanted everything in one place – one central reference guide to organise my chaotic life.

Hobby Craft have kindly *gifted* me a few products to help me plan and organise my day, week and month, this would be including my blog posts, my appointments, my work deadlines, and events!


Tropical Everyday Planner

One of the products sent to me is a planner, and it has changed my life in the very best way! It has become a tool that I use to truly organise and simplify my life – getting everything down on paper so that I can actually clear my head, and make time for the things that matter most – I carry it around with me everywhere!

Memory Planner

Desk Pad (Discontinued)

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 19.28.39.png

They’ve also sent me a weekly desk pad, which comes in handy when I’m at home and need to write down lists for my day and chores that need to be done! I keep it on my bedside table to when I wake up, I know what my day is going to look like, and when I leave my room to start my day, I know what I need to have prepared with me!

Today I’m going to share with you a few simple tips that I use to efficiently manage your schedule, one day at a time, and get the most out of your day! You can plan one day at a time, or a year in advance, whatever you find most effective!

#1: A planner is your best friend.

Paper or digital – find your planner! Visually planning out your week is a must for keeping on tops of things! Find a planner that works for you, this could be a free printable calendar located in a central location of your home, a cute planner from your favourite store that you can carry around with you or it could be an electronically synced calendar that is viewed on your smartphone and other devices! Setting reminders or alerts can also be super helpful.

#2: Set goals and make lists.

Sunday is a great time to plan your upcoming week and develop a few goals for what you’d like to get done. Your weekly plan should include the family’s activities, birthdays and get-togethers, meals, chores, and whatever else is upcoming.

From this master list, you will be able to create manageable mini lists: menu planning and grocery list, errands list, daily to-do list, and so on. Once you have done this for a few weeks you will have created a planning foundation. From there, the process should take no more than twenty minutes on a Sunday night.

Using more than one visual aid is helpful, plus you can colour code and decorate it however you want! Start with your main monthly calendar and then use a notepad or checklist for each day of the week to map out your daily goals. Each week should include no more than three planned goals (in addition to your usual responsibilities) as you do not want to set yourself up for failure! Mini accomplishments and the ability to check items off a list is the reinforcement needed to start a life of productivity. By including routine chores like “make the bed” and “laundry” every once in awhile you’ll give yourself easy items to cross off your list. These small wins will help get you motivation. Plus it’s always more fun to check things off a list!

#3: Prep what you can the night before.

Alleviate the morning rush by prepping what you can the night before. Lunches should be ready to grab from the fridge on your way out the door. School papers and assignments should be placed in bags and ready to go. Outfits can also be picked out the night before. You may even consider planning a whole week’s worth of outfits on a Sunday night, referencing your weekly planner and weather app, of course! (#UnpredictableBritishWeather)

#4: Get an early start.

You have your lists and you are ready to start the week. Now what? How can you get the most out of your day?

Try setting your morning alarm to wake up thirty minutes earlier than usual to take advantage of the calm morning hours. Note: this is not extra time to check emails and phone notifications. It is intended to give you some much-needed “you” time. It’s also a great opportunity to start the day off stress-free! Try some yoga, stretching, or even a run on the treadmill.

#5: Use reminder tools on your phone.

We all have the ability to use this function but often forget it exists. I like to set a reminder to do something, and once it pops up I’ll either do it then, or make time on my calendar and also set a deadline. I typically use the calendar on my iPhone!


✨ Plenty of space to write out your schedules, appointments, and events each month!

✨ Monthly prep includes planning your master to-do and project lists for each month, you can also track your goals and make an action plan for making progress on those each month, whether that’s budgeting or exercise!

✨ Plenty of space to write out your schedules, appointments, and events each month!

✨ Once the planner is complete, you can look back on it and look at all you’ve achieved and how much you’ve done in the year!

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How do you plan and organise your day/week/month? Do you have a planner? Talk to me in the comments below! 🥰

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 18.23.04
Huge thanks to Hobby Craft for working with me on this blog post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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