Making Memories: Scrapbooking


I love getting pictures printed and sticking them in scrapbooks and having physical memories of days that were special to me, or people who I love. Standard 6×4 prints are cute but I absolutely love the polaroid retro style prints. I do have a polaroid camera but when it comes to buying refills, the price adds up!

That’s why when I need to print photos, my go-to website is Snapfish! They offer 20 free prints as a new customer, and 6×4 prints come up to around £0.09 per print! This is amazing compared to Boots and Max Spielmann prices of £0.49p per print! You can also find discount and promo codes online to get a certain percentage off of your order – a good website to use is Voucher Codes!

Making memories is something really important to me because memories last forever but sometimes it’s really nice to have a physical reminder of certain people or significant times in your life. My house is filled with photos from when I was a baby, my Mom and Dad’s marriage and having a reminder of those happy times is so special.

If you’ve ever put a scrapbook together, you know that it can be very tedious. It takes FOREVER to finish all the pages. This is currently relevant because me and Brad have spent this week preparing a scrapbook of memories of our relationship! This includes photos, movie tickets, receipts, cards and basically anything that holds a memory that will stick and fit in the scrapbook!

We’re still developing it, so we started sticking the pictures down, then added the memorabilia such as movie tickets for the relevant month, and then writing around the photos and memorabilia!

You’ll have to see it in person for the whole thing, but here are a few pictures of the process and some pages:

2018-08-14 00:23:46.410


2018-08-14 00:23:43.127

2018-08-14 00:23:41.524

2018-08-14 00:23:39.916

2018-08-14 00:23:38.277

2018-08-14 00:23:36.664

2018-08-14 00:23:35.086

2018-08-14 00:23:33.417

2018-08-14 00:23:31.752

2018-08-14 00:23:30.111

2018-08-14 00:15:17.894

*sorry for all the kissy pics lol*


Spiral Bound White Scrapbook 12 x 12 Inches – Hobby Craft – (£12.99)

Dymo Omega Standard Home Label Maker + 9mm Tape – WHSmith – (£6)

Walnut Chipboard Tile Alphabet Thickers Stickers – Hobby Craft – (£4)

Silver Glitter Alphabetical Stickers – Flying Tiger – ONLY AVAILABLE IN STORE

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Do you have a scrapbook? Would you consider taking it up as a hobby? Talk to me in the comments below! 🥰

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 18.23.04

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