DIY String Art


You’ve probably seen it on Pinterest – the cute pictures made of nails and string. I did, and I fell in love it immediately! However, the step-by-step tutorials I found left much to the imagination, and if you’re anything like me, although I’m creative, sometimes when I’m doing something new, I want to get it right the first time! So, in order to save you a long trip into town where you sit on the floor in the sewing and knitting department in different stores trying to figure out what “string” I need and what sort of nail heads are wide enough for the job, I’m going to try give you a step-by-step tutorial!


String art may look difficult, but in the end, it’s super easy. I decided to make this string art board for Brad’s room that also double’s as room decor. It’s a gift for him, and when it comes to gift-giving, I like adding a personal touch so having made it myself, it makes me love it even more!

I made this for Bradley for Valentine’s Day. (I know, Valentine’s Day was 7 months ago…my tutorial is a littttttle behind) – the reason why I’m doing it now is I had already done it previously and gave it to him for Valentine’s Day, however because the dressmaker pins I had used weren’t strong enough, the strength of the thread was pulling the pins down and making the whole thing cave in! So I thought I’d start it again and get it ready before his birthday (that’s why there are small holes already in the board, and that’s how I knew where to nail in the stronger nails!)

This is technically my (2nd) first attempt at string art, and I have to say I’m pleased as punch with the result! You could change up the designs on this and use it as a gift for so many occasions! Once you’ve nailed the basic technique (see what I did there?) you could create other words or shapes!

Although when having a first look, it seems simple enough, but this project wasn’t without mistakes!

Things You’ll Need


  • Board – I got mine from Tesco for £4, p.s it’s a chopping board!
  • Nails – At first I used dressmaker pins, but they weren’t strong enough so I bought some nails from Wilkos for £1!
  • Hammer
  • Thread – whichever colour you like, I’m not too sure on prices as I used what I already had at home from my grandma and mum’s collection!


The first step is to decide what word or name or letter you want to use and print it out using a chunky font. The sizing may take a little trial and error and tweaking to make it fill the appropriate space. Then tape your word on using small pieces of tape!

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 21.34.23.png


Begin outlining your letters with the nails, as I already used dressmaker pins prior to using the nails, I knew exactly where I needed to nail in the nails, therefore I didn’t need to use the traced out letters again!


It was really difficult making sure they all were nailed in straight, so I thought that maybe tweezers might help me get better grip on the nail as they are quite small, however that kind of worked, but not as well as I thought it would have! So then I found pliers and they helped a lot!


I didn’t really have a precise distance between each nail, it was just where I felt like it was needed!


And the finished look of the nails looked like this!



String. This could be random or you could try to follow some pattern. I did a combination of both until the design looked the way I wanted it to! I started it off just outlining the actual letters just to get a more defined look and so they are bold enough to stand out – I used a darker shade of blue to define it!


It doesn’t really matter where you decide to start your string. To attach my string to the nail, I simply tied a double-knot around the nail – if I felt it wasn’t secure, I’d do an extra knot. From there, begin wrapping. There’s no strategy to it!


After completing all the letters, I started randomly going from the side of each board and crossing the thread over each other!


I used different shades of blue (Brad’s favourite colour) – and used as much as possible to get all around the board, and when I was satisfied with the look of it, I changed colour!


This is the look right now! I’m really loving the colours and the way it’s looking, and I think I might add black around the letters to make them more defined!


And this is the finished look!


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Have you ever made string art before? If not, would you give it a go? Talk to me in the comments below! 🥰

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 18.23.04

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