Wear it Pink for Breast Cancer Pamper Evening


I don’t often stray too far from my usual content of make up and skincare etc, but sometimes things crop up which make you sit back and take stock, and the issue surrounding this post is one of those very things…. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and yesterday specifically, was all about Wear It Pink. It’s a day to raise awareness and funds, and to help support the incredible amount of hard work and care that’s provided by Breast Cancer Care for anyone affected by breast cancer. It’s a day for you to contribute and make a difference, by getting involved with Wear It Pink for Breast Cancer Care.


At the heart of it, Wear It Pink is a day of raising both funds and awareness for Breast Cancer Care, and as the website states:

It doesn’t matter if it’s a dress down day at work, a local raffle or just a cosy night in – so long as it’s pink, anything goes. And whatever you do, every penny you raise will help us be there for anyone with breast cancer from day one.

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You could encourage everyone in the office to wear something pink for a small donation, make some pink cupcakes as part of a bake sale, or have a ‘pink pamper’ evening at home with the girls, and use the money that you would have spent going out, on a donation towards Breast Cancer Care instead. No matter how small the event, it’s all about the little changes which can make a massive difference!



Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, and the risks of a woman getting breast cancer at some point in her lifetime are 1 in 8, which means around 13% of the female population will be affected by the disease at some point or other throughout their lives…

It’s a frightening statistic, but the fact that more people survive breast cancer than ever thanks to a combination of early detection, a better medical understanding and advanced treatment, is incredibly reassuring to say the very least.

Breast Cancer Care work so hard to ensure that people are equipped with the correct information, provided with the appropriate level of support, and are connected with relevant services, in order to ensure that they get as much help as possible throughout their experience of breast cancer. Not only that, but Breast Cancer Care are the only UK wide charity to provide this level of support and information, which makes supporting the charity itself even more significant. So the very least we can do is give something back to a charity which does so much for others, and that’s where Wear It Pink gets involved.

So whatever you do for Wear It Pink, make it count! (and have some pink-themed fun along the way.) Remember that no matter how big or small your donation, it will help to provide vital support for a charity which is already helping so many people on a daily basis. It all adds up, and it all makes a difference to an incredibly worthwhile cause.



My friend Nikki decided to host a ‘Wear It Pink For Breast Cancer Pamper Evening’ and it was so much fun! We had to try to draw a snowman with our eyes closed, me and Brad came joint in 3rd place!


Then we played Heads Up! We had 2 rounds in total, and I won a prize in both! I won some chocolate, and a chocolate pamper kit!

Finally we played guess the name of the song and artist, and I won that too! My prize was a bottle of Echo Falls, Bradley won the next song and he won a bottle too – he also won another round and got a bottle of The Body Shop’s Coconut Oil!

*so happy I didn’t have to share my bottle haha!*

I also donated money to have a go at guess the elf’s name – I chose the name ‘Billy Bob’!

IMG_9527 2.JPG

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Have you heard of the Wear It Pink campaign? If so, how have you been involved in the Wear It Pink for Breast Cancer Care? Talk to me in the comments below! 🥰

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