19 Things I Learned in 2019


When it comes to the end of a year, I think it’s just as important to reflect back on the last 12 months as it is to look forward to the next. Some big lessons, some quite frivolous ones…but it’s interesting to sit down and actually remind yourself what a year has taught you!

#1: School/College/University is not everything!

I know, I know what you’re about to say, and you’re not wrong. School is important, and education opens a million doors, I agree. But I don’t think school is worth more than your mental health. For many years I used to freak out and stress so much about school deadlines, and marks and assignments. Although I understand that those things are meant to not only teach you facts, but they’re also meant to teach you how to prioritise, how to manage your time, how to get things done, how to be on time, etc, I don’t think they are deserving of the time and effort I would put into them. And that’s something I came to terms with last year when I finally decided that I don’t need to jeopardise my mental health over my degree!

#2: Time management is the key to success!

Ugh, time management; such a simple concept but so hard to actually put to practice. In 2019 I came to realise that every single person is given 24 hours in every day and the ones who become successful are just ones who are managing those 24 hours in a way that allows them to make the most out of their time!

#3: Remove negative energy from your life!

This is another huge one for this year. It has become clear to me that by default I am a very positive happy person, and my days only get ruined when I surround myself with negative people. Everything in life is unexpected and I get that sometimes bad things happen, but I also get that it’s all about how you respond to the things that happen to you that make you who you are. So surrounding yourself with negative people will only make you react in a negative way, which will never improve your life. So I’ve decided in 2020 I will be eliminating every source of negativity from my life and try my best to be genuinely happy most of the time!

#4: Every day is a whole new opportunity!

Okay so I did this thing for so many years where in January I would be so motivated and inspired and refreshed, while on a random Tuesday in November I lacked energy and was tired and unproductive. Recently I’ve been doing a ton of thinking, and it makes sense – new year, new me and whatever, but there is no such thing as “new year”. In fact, there is no such thing as new year, new month, new week or new day. The entire concept of time was something we created to make our lives simpler and more organised. But 12:01AM on January 1st is only two minutes away from 11:59PM on December 21st. What I’m trying to get at is that time doesn’t exist. So there is no need to wait for the new year to make new changes in your life. You could literally start a new hobby right in this second, at 11:50pm on a Friday night and it will be just as meaningful as you doing that on January 1st. Start now, don’t worry about the date!

#5: You have to take care of yourself first before anyone else!

This one kind of speaks for itself, but I mean, really. If you’re not in your best state of mind, how do you expect to go handle not only your own life but other people’s lives. Handle you first, because you are the only constant in your life, which automatically places you on the top of the priority list of things you should be focusing on every day!

#6: 2020 will be different only if you make it!

I understand that this sounds almost stressful, but it’s true. Dreams only work if you do. Unfortunately life isn’t as easy as waiting for the new year to roll around so you can finally live your dream life. You have to take action in order for things to happen. If you had negative people in your life in 2019, but you remain friends with them, then the toxicity will stay exactly where it has been. If you got bad marks but you don’t try any harder this year, then I’m sorry but you will end up with bad marks again. You have to make things happen for yourself!

#7: Step out of your comfort zone!

How cliché of me, wow, I know. But really. Everything you want from life is riiiiight outside your comfort zone, because if it had been within, then hun you wouldn’t be craving it so bad! Again, you need to make some changes in order to see results, so push yourself, a little tiny bit each day. Go grab coffee with that new friend, go to that party you got invited to, speak up about what you believe in and things will start to sort themselves out!

#8: The people you spend time with are who you become!

There is this quote that goes something along the lines of “you are the average of the five people closest to you” and it’s true. At heart you stay the same, but things about you change. Your style, your sense of humour, your slang, your hobbies etc. So pay attention who you spend time with. It’s better to spend time with yourself, than spend time with people you don’t aspire to be like!

#9: Don’t waste your time on people who don’t deserve it!

As we have already established in this post, you only have 24 hours in a day. Now it’s normal and in fact great to take a portion of that and put to your social life. However be picky who you give your time to. Unfortunately people take things for granted so if you give your time to someone who doesn’t deserve it, you’re the one losing. Hang with people who genuinely care about you, who check in on you, who make you a priority., only they deserve your precious time!

#10: Invest in yourself!

Another huge one. You have to invest in yourself as if you are a business. Now I’m not saying go crazy and buy everything you can get your hands on, but think about your future and instead of spending your money and time on fake friends or random objects, use that money in a way that will benefit your future. If you want to be a videographer maybe buy a better camera. If you want to be a doctor maybe get a loan and get an education. Invest in yourself. Invest in your future!

#11: You can only rely on yourself for happiness!

Although we all trick ourselves into thinking that “being with him will make me happy” or “if I get the new iPhone and 200 likes on my instagram picture then I’ll be happy” but in reality the only person in charge of your happiness is you. Relying on others for that happiness will mess with you in so many ways. For starters you will keep yourself in unhealthy relationships thinking your happiness will go away as soon as this person leaves your live when in reality they are not attached concepts. You need to realise that happiness comes from self-love, self-respect and aspirations and everything else is secondary. To be brutally honest this is something I struggle with a lot – attaching happiness to people and objects – but this year I realised that no person or item will bring happiness and joy to my life for more than 10 minutes. It’s not a solution, it’s just a temporary numbing, and super unhealthy!

#12: A healthy diet will change your life!

I have become a huge fan of healthy eating this last year. I’ve been experimenting with cooking new things and baking and bringing lunches to work, and I have definitely felt the changes in both my physical and mental health!

#13: Forgiveness gives more to you than the person you are forgiving!

Turns out hating someone isn’t good for the soul. So even if you let the person out of your life but you are still holding onto a grudge, your mind is still holding onto that negativity. I understand that it is incredibly hard to forgive someone who wronged you, but once you do, you will feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. Forgiving someone may or may not mean anything to them, but letting go of that hate will better your life instantly. “Hating someone is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die”. Forgive the people who wronged you, not for them, but for you!

#14: Memories will always be worth more than any materialistic thing!

In 2019 I did a lot, and no matter how much money I spent on a single object, none of it will ever begin to measure up to the insane memories I made. Like I already mentioned, things you buy only bring you temporary happiness. The memories you make, the friends you meet, the things you experience – those stay in your heart forever and make your soul happy eternally!

#15: Take responsibility for your actions!

No matter what, you are responsible for your own life. You are responsible for your success. And you are responsible for your happiness. Sure, your boss might be hard work, and your best friend might had slept with your boyfriend, but blaming them won’t change anything. Sure it will help get your anger out temporarily and of course it’s not your fault that those people acted a certain way, but how you respond is what matters. You have to take control of your life. You have to realise, ‘okay so I have a shitty boyfriend and an even shittier BFF and that sucks, but what do I do now?’ Decide that they don’t deserve to be in your life. Decide that your boss is being hard work because of her own personal problems. If you don’t like your body, go work out and try to change it to the best of your ability. If your teacher didn’t teach something properly at school, go home and google it. At the end of the day, you can blame people for whatever, but that won’t change the outcome!

#16: Do something!

I often do this thing where I plan a lot. I plan a lot of blog posts. I plan workouts. But then I end up with my entire life planned out and no action. Because I get stuck. Because I don’t know where to start. So then I take more time to plan and by the time I’m finished planning the entire day is over and nothing has been finished. Turns out, sometimes it’s just better to do something, rather than sit there and try to decide what you will do. Because that something, will lead into something else, and that something else will get you somewhere. If you have an essay and you don’t know where to start, just write your name. Write the title. Write the first word that comes to mind. Write any swearwords that come to mind. Write an idea. Just write something. Just stop thinking, stop planning, stop organising and just do it!

#17: Live in the moment!

It’s fair to say that I’m a very busy person. My schedule is always filled, with work, blogging, work, cleaning, work, going out and oh yeah, work! And although I genuinely believe that busy is good, I sometimes (okay all the time) get caught up in the future of “I need to get this done, and then I need to get that done” that I never pay attention to what I’m doing right now. I recently started focusing on the “now”. What time is it? Where am I sitting? What can I see? What can I smell? How do I feel? What words are in my head in this moment? What’s bothering me? Answering these questions, either in my head or writing them down, keeps me focused in that moment and I find that to be the most therapeutic thing ever!

#18: New York City will forever be where my heart, mind, soul, and body belongs!

Having finally achieved my dream to visit New York City this April for my 21st birthday, I came to realise that it was everything I ever hoped it was, and if I could, I would move there within a heartbeat! I’ve made it my goal to visit NYC every year; if I can’t move there just yet, I’m going to make do with visiting annually! Me and Brad are already planning to go in December 2020!

#19: If you work hard enough, you CAN and you WILL achieve your goals!

In 2018, I set myself some major goals that I wanted to have achieved in 2019, and now that I’m reflecting on my year – I DID THEM ALL! I went to New York City for my 21st birthday, I bought my own car, I opened up a Help to Buy ISA, treated myself to a holiday in Majorca AND bought a new MacBook! It’s fair to say that I’ve worked hard for what I wanted, and I got them! I feel very lucky and blessed this year, I gained financial independence, worked on my mental health and put myself first – I’m so proud of myself!


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What is the most important thing you learned in 2019? Talk to me in the comments below! 🥰

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