REVIEW: RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum


I’ve always been envious of women with long, beautiful lashes. From the time I was a baby, mine have always been a little on the shorter side and not very thick. I’ve tried enhancing them with an eyelash curler and mascara, but have never been that impressed with the results!

I’ve even gone as far as getting eyelash extensions — a decision I’m still regretting months later. Sure, they were beautiful while they lasted. But when they fell out, they took my real eyelashes with them, leaving me with a set of thin, frail lashes! I couldn’t have been more upset. I never thought my eyelashes would be the same again, so imagine how excited I was to learn about a product that could make my eyelashes beautiful and healthy again!

About RapidLash

The company was founded in 2008, when RapidLash released their RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum to the mass market. The serum is designed to enhance the growth of your natural lashes. It can help them to become stronger, longer and thicker. The results take 60 days to come into full effect.


How to Use

RapidLash is very simple to use! It’s applied once a day to the lash-line and recommended to use at night before bedtime so other cosmetics and makeup don’t interfere with it! It’s kind of like a clear liquid liner, and you just paint it across the upper lash-line. You can also use it on the lower lashes, although I didn’t do this!


My Results

I’ve been using RapidLash on my upper eyelashes for about 6 weeks and I am happy happy to say that it does look like it’s working! My eyelashes are not only starting to appear longer, but they feel stronger too! When I put mascara on now, my eyelashes look much longer and fuller than they did before. I would still like to improve my results, so I plan on continuing to use the serum for another month or two – basically until the serum runs outs!

Unfortunately I don’t have a ‘before and after’ picture for you lovely readers, but I will be sure to include ‘before and after’ pictures in my next product review!

Where to Buy

RapidLash is available in the UK in Boots as well as various online retailers including Amazon. A full list of stockists can be found on the RapidLash website.


I have been so impressed with my results and can’t wait to see even more improvement over time! I would highly recommend trying RapidLash if you have always wanted longer, fuller, and thicker eyelashes!


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Have you used Rapidlash? What did you think of it? Are you going to try it? What other eyelash serums have you tried or do you want to try? 

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