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Because of the current events that has been going on for weeks, the majority of us are forced to work remotely at home! Although this is still definitely a huge blessing, we may find a few distractions that may keep us from being productive! So I am sharing a few tips on How to Work from Home that you may find helpful!

I said this in my last post, but I feel it’s still relevant..

We are about a 2 weeks into social distancing / isolating / quarantining ourselves here in the UK and although it’s been tough I wanted to share how I’ve been managing! Now, more than ever, your mindset is SO important. Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it – always remember that! You have to keep positive and take whatever good you can from this situation. Think of this time as a way to pause and do all those things you never have time to do! Use it to better yourself so when it’s over you will be ready to get back to normality as a better version of yourself!

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Try and establish a daily routine, this will not only give you structure but also a sense of purpose!

Get Ready & Look Presentable

The first thing I would recommend doing is to wake up when you can. I’m not saying to wake up super early or late or even at the time you would usually wake up to but don’t lay in your bed scrolling through your social media first thing in the morning and spend an unnecessary amount of time on your phone, your mind will automatically feel tired and bored!

Get ready and try to look presentable! Again, I’m not saying to dress like how you would usually do to go outside or to wear a full face of makeup, wear something comfortable, comb your hair and if you feel like wearing a tiny bit of makeup, do it! You are working from home, this is the time to experiment – you are not doing this for others but for yourself!


Try and balance your daily and weekly routine so that you have a good mix of work, rest and leisure!

Take Breaks

As always, it’s important to take regular breaks when you are working, nobody can work productively a couple of days in a row, your body and mind need to take a break! When you come back after you’ve taken a break, you will feel much happier to work. You need to have a balance and if that means taking a day off to relax then do it!

Stay Away From Your Phone

If your phone is not necessary for your job, stay away from it! Phones are the one of the biggest distractions in any work place and it will hurt not only your productivity but also your focus!

Be responsible and only use your phone when necessary or on your breaks! Doing this will allow you to finish your tasks on a timely manner since you are more focused!


Set daily goals to provide purpose and a sense of achievement! Thin k about including the things you’ve wanted to do but never got round to doing!

Have A Dedicated ‘Office’ Area

Now, this space does not have to be huge or it’s definitely unnecessary for you to set-up a home office if you don’t have one! If you do, that’s a huge extra! The most important thing is having a comfortable space that you only use for work.

I know not everyone has a dedicated office area in their home or even a desk but try not to work from your bed and try to find another spot to work! When you have a specific area to work, you will feel much more productive and you won’t be able to procrastinate!

I would recommend your lounge or even to work from your counter top in the kitchen! Remember you have to do whatever it takes in order to work productively from home, if that means creating a temporary office area – you just have to do it!

Take Care of Yourself 

Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you can skip meals! You still have to eat healthily and take care of your body! When you have all the right nutrients in your body, you will feel much more energised and you will be able to do so many tasks! Eat and drink healthily with plenty of water, fruit and vegetables to support your immune system and energy levels!

Set Boundaries

If you live by yourself (obviously including your pets), I don’t think there will be any distractions for you apart from your phone but if you live with your family, for example your partner, housemate, children, etc. I’m pretty sure it might be a tiny bit complicated!

You were probably used to having the house all to yourself during the day and now you find yourself surrounded by people. It can be hard to structure your time to work and at the same time to be with them but you have to set boundaries from the get go!

They are probably not used to seeing you work so you have to make them understand that you won’t be available for them for a certain period of time and that if you go to your office/desk area that you are working and can’t do anything else! Another tip is to plan your day in advance, that way you will be able to set time for work and for your loved ones!

Avoid Staying Still for Too Long

Exercise and maintaining regular movement will maintain your fitness and strength! Try taking regular breaks like I’ve mentioned before and eat away from your ‘desk’!

Create a ‘To-Do’ List

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book but it always works! Make a list of all your weekly and daily tasks so you have a visual guide on all your responsibilities! It is important to point out any deadlines (if any) so you can prioritise them!

Having a list also help you keep a track on your productivity plus it’s absolutely satisfying to cross every task you have on your list!

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  1. I’m so glad you’ve shared this post. I’ve already been working from home for a while now, but a lot of people who have suddenly been thrown into this situation have been saying that they are finding it stressful. I totally agree that getting out of our pjs is a great way to start the day and having a separate office area where possible. I hope many people who are struggling find your tips useful. 🙂

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