Spring Essentials | 2020


If my hay-fever is anything to go by, Spring has officially sprung! Flowers blooming, and there is a little more sunshine but still some showers! To me, Spring is the season for cleaning, renewal and lists, and that’s given me the inspiration for this post! I haven’t written a Fashion post in a looong time, but it’s something I’ve really enjoyed doing! Now let’s get started!

Trends come and go and because of this, it’s usually not advisable to splurge on these items since you probably won’t wear them for a while! However, there are some trends that are really hard to miss and some trends and staples that you can wear all year round! And accessories… well accessories are the icing of Fashion! They’re fun and can easily take any outfit to another level! However, with different trends coming every season, it’s best to purchase the ones that can last forever!

There are so many things that make me happy about the turn of the season, and there are some things that work their way into my Spring Essentials!

Trends, Accessories, Outfits…

Let me share them with you!

Satin Midi Skirts

Satin is a big trend this Spring and a good way to get it is with a midi skirt! One or two of these skirts that can add a pop of colour to your neutral essentials above can bring dimension and pop to your wardrobe!

A neutral tone satin midi skirt is the perfect item to help transition your winter whites and camel knitwear into the spring by layering textures and creating monochromatic neutral looks! But you don’t have to shy away from patterns and textures, you have a closet full of neutrals already!

I particularly love animal prints since you can wear it almost all year round plus you can easily keep this item as one of your basics! I love how you can easily play with different looks with this one. You can go classy by pairing it with a heels or blouse or you could go casual by pairing it with trainers and a white tee!

Bucket Bags

Bucket Bags are fun and a good staple item to add in your collection! They’re perfect for Spring but they can be worn all year round! If you are thinking to treat yourself with this type of bag this season, choose one that accentuates your current colour palette or simply choose a basic coloured one which you can easily pair with different colour palettes!

Long Cardigan

Be it knitted or not, a long cardigan is a good Spring fashion investment! You can wear it on top of a blouse on warmer days or layer it with a light coat if it gets chilly! What’s really good about a cardigan is that you can pair it with almost anything! A plain tee, short skirt, boots or even trainers! Name it and you can easily play around with it and instantly look good without putting so much time and effort! Also, you can carry this item not only for Spring but for Autumn and even Winter!

Solid Gold Metal Jewellery


Statement jewellery is a must this year! You can get statement earrings, necklaces, headbands or even bracelets! I usually only ever wear silver, but gold is really in right now and I am 1000% here for it! I know that metal jewellery might not be for everyone but you can still get on this trend by carefully choosing an item that best describes your style or ones that you can easily pair with your neutrals! You can get them really cheap in places such as Primark and New Look, but with the current circumstances, it may be easier to shop online!

I am a ‘simple stud earrings all year round’ kind of gal, and I only seem to bring out my statement pieces when I’m going for a night out for drinks/meals! I have a total of 9 piercings on my ears and I love mixing and matching different stud earrings for each piercing, but I want to be wearing statements earrings a lot more and I’ve already chosen my favourites for this season!

Organza Blouses

I’ve been seeing a lot of Organza blouses online and I just love ’em! It looks classic for me so even though it’s a trend right now, I feel like it’s an item that you can still keep for a few years!

It’s also very wearable all year round and can be paired with either jeans, skirts, shorts, heels or even a pair of white trainers! I really love these blouses in white and with some puff sleeves! I don’t know but it just look so chic and stylish to me!

Nude Trench Coat

Spring in the UK just means 30% sun and 70% rain, so you’re always going to need a light cardigan, jacket, or coat! The nude trench coat doesn’t even need an explanation on why it should be a Spring Essential! This type of coat does not get old and one that you can wear over and over for many Spring seasons to come! With this being said, I 100% recommend you invest in a good quality trench that can last a lifetime!

Spring Floral Dress

It’s a cliche for a reason! Having a floral number is a great way to say ‘Hello Spring!’ and embrace the change in seasons! Finding a colour palette that compliments your skin and hair colour is what is key to make this a repeat dress!

Denim Jacket

What’s that? It’s Spring? BRING OUT THE DENIM JACKET!

A denim jacket for spring? Revolutionary! They are really the perfect jacket for the weather to layer over dresses or hoodies, they are the perfect topper to any spring look! You can buy a cropped, normal, or oversized one and it’ll still look great!

I’ve had my denim jacket for nearly 4 years, and was my first ‘vintage’ purchase from a cute little vintage shop in town called ‘The Vintage Scene’ when I was at college/university! I find that denim jackets are perfect for the British Spring-time, light enough to keep you covered and great to pair with zip up hoodies for extra warmth!

Pastel Matched Co-ord Set

I’ve been seeing pastel everything and nothing is speaking to me more for Spring than a pastel matched jacket + skirt set! The colours are so soft and they are a fresh take on the matched set for the new season!

Boxy Blouses with Puff Sleeves

Another Spring essential that has a lot of potential to last for many years! Just like the organza blouse, this trend is both chic and at the same time classic which is such a good combo! The boxy neckline shows a decent amount of skin which gives you a more edgy look and you can also wear this type of blouse for Summer, and even Autumn!

Square Toe Sandals

Who said Spring is too early for sandals? No one!

Especially if we are talking about square toed sandals! I love this style so much and I don’t know why I don’t own a pair! They’re honestly really cute and trendy in almost any colour.  It’s amazing how a simple detail, in this case a square toe detail, can make a total difference on an otherwise classic sandals! They are very easy to pair with jeans, dresses, skirts or even a leggings! I recommend getting a pair in a nude colour and one in a bright colour so you can play around with it on different outfits. You can also carry this trend for Summer which is just a win!

Cropped Sweater/Jumper

Sweaters and jumpers are already a given item but opting for a cropped sweater/jumper is just perfect for the usual Spring temperature! Plus, it pairs really well with a trench coat or any light jacket! It’ll give you enough warmth for Spring and also giving you the Winter or Autumn vibe!

Waterproof Boots

Welcome to England… where almost every season is wet, including Spring!

This means you could wear these kind of boots all year round, not just in Spring! You have to keep your feet protected and warm without loosing your style and to achieve this, you should get yourself some sturdy and well-made waterproof boots that fit your style! Personally, I would go with basic colours and mid-height heels so I could possibly wear it on a daily basis! Choosing a pair of quality boots is also smarter since you don’t only save on wardrobe space, but also you wouldn’t find a need to purchase multiple boots for Spring to accommodate different weather conditions!

Slip Dress

Slip Dresses have been a thing for a while now! I have a few mini and midi slip dresses in my wardrobe that I could dress up or down! I love how versatile they are and how easily they pair with your favourite staples and accessories!

Without a doubt, these dresses are very easy to put together. Wear it with a trench coat, on top of a shirt or blouse or simply wear it on it’s own and you’ll look so put together!

I’m particularly loving slip dresses with a V-neck or Cowl neck detail because I feel like it adds more style to the entire look!


I hope you found this post helpful and always keep in mind that the key to a lasting wardrobe is by investing on your basics since these are the items that you can wear multiple times for so many years!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, don’t forget to like and follow my blog! 💗

What are your Spring Essentials? Are they the same as mine? Talk to me in the comments below! 🥰

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 18.23.04

This blog is NOT sponsored and all opinions are my own.

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