Black Lives Matter.


Due to the horrible events of the last week, people are beginning to speak out about the inequality that still exists in not only America, but our country too.

On May 25th 2020, George Floyd, an American BLACK man was MURDERED by a police officer while pleading for his life in Powderhorn, a neighbourhood in Minneapolis. And while the officer was just arrested, it took WAY too long to make that happen. The three other police officers who were on the scene have not been charged with anything. This happens too often, and unfortunately often goes unchecked.

Shortly after the murder of George Floyd, videos and still images of the officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck started to circulate. These kind of murders are not isolated incidents and this is one of the substantial amount of killings by the hand of US police against black people. The past few months alone, to name a few, On February 23rd 2020, we saw the murder of Ahmaud Arbery who was jogging before being chased cornered and killed by 3 white racist men. On March 13th 2020, Breanna Taylor, a BLACK woman, was killed by police by being shot EIGHT times in her home. A further point to add is that all of these murders have taken place in the middle of a global pandemic. For me it is clear that the biggest deadliest virus here is racism.

Image from: Sacrée Frangine

People are finally starting to take notice of the issue. As a POC, I recognise that I am privileged, not to the extent of a white woman/man, but I am still privileged, and that I don’t know what it is like to be black in America/UK today. I recognise that I haven’t been the ally I should have been in the past. I also know that I can no longer stay silent. I will strive to be a better ally in the fight for equality. I will listen to those who are closely affected by the systemic racism that pervades our nation. I will spread their stories, support their ideas, and celebrate their victories that I believe will come one day. Black Lives Matter.

As a result of these murders, people have started to protest against racism in America as well as the UK.  I don’t condone violence of any kind when innocent people are being hurt. However, now people are taking a different approach via the rioting and protests which is happening in the US and UK. Yet again people are complaining, this time focussing on the destruction caused by the rioting and looting rather than what got people to that place in the first place. To make it worse, I am seeing numerous counter arguments to the statement ‘Black Lives Matter’ with another statement “All Lives Matter”. I just want to point out ONLY racists have an issue with the first statement. Black Lives Matter is a statement to argue that our lives matter TOO, it does not mean ‘instead of’. People that do not understand this are part of the problem. PRO BLACK DOES NOT MEAN ANTI-WHITE.

UK racism is not as subtle as people like to believe, some of it is as clear as the sky is blue. The Wind Rush Scandal, Grenfell Tower fire, stop and search and even when it comes to medical issues, it is very evident. I don’t know what it will take for a change to come, I don’t know whether there will ever be a day I am not reminded of the fact most of the world is against black people or that they will always have to work extra hard to even be seen on the same level as white people.


It is tiresome having to constantly wait for tragedies to occur for us to scream that BLACK LIVES MATTER too. It must be tiresome for them having to constantly worry knowing the system was not made for them.

Image from: Sacrée Frangine

One thing I will say, it is down to white people to contribute and join in on this fight to equality. Ultimately, it will have to be white people that eradicate racism as they are the ones in a position of power. The more white people and non black people speak up against the injustice and racism, the closer we all are to finally fighting this! I don’t know if there will ever be a day when BLACK people would not have to worry about the things they currently do, but I pray that day comes. They must be exhausted of constantly being hunted, targeted and mistreated and I really hope and can only pray that one day a change will come.


There are a lot of things that we can do to be better allies in this fight. This is an article that I saw circulating on Twitter telling us, not only white people, but everyone, what we can do to aid this movement.

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

It is important not only to get involved politically but also to educate yourself. All of the books and movies on this list have gone on my list of things to read and watch next. I am not as informed as I should be. I want to better understand all of the injustices that exist in order to be a better ally. We can’t properly support BLACK individuals without knowing the history and really seeing the despicable way they have been treated. I promise that I will do my part in learning about this movement and supporting it in any way I can.

Image from: Sacrée Frangine

No one should EVER be seen as being below someone else. That is simply not true. Everyone is equal. Everyone is a person. Everyone should be treated equally. The biases have been passed down through each generation. But we do not have to be what our ancestry was. We have the ability to educate ourselves and understand that we are not better than BLACK people simply because we are white or a POC. Like I said before, this fight is also not about us AT ALL. Saying “All Lives Matter” in the midst of this fight is not helpful. Here’s the thing: society has already proven they believe that white lives matter. This fight is about saying “BLACK LIVES MATTER.” Until equality between races is achieved, that is all that we should be saying. We are not fighting for our rights. We already have them. Being an ally means pushing the voices in the black community to the top, not trying to insert ourselves!!


We educate ourselves, we speak up when we see injustice, we let our political leaders know that this is a problem that needs to be addressed, and we support those in the black community who are actively affected by the inequality that currently plagues our world. Listening is the most important. Hear their stories and let them sink in. Understand that this is a real problem and one that we should all be angry about. As a new generation grows up and starts to have kids, let’s teach them from the beginning that everyone is equal and should be treated as such. Racism is learned. Babies don’t come into the world seeing the world unequally. They pick up on the biases that are passed down to them. So let’s be the generation that abolishes those biases as we raise a new generation. Let’s use love and not fight hate with hate. Let’s educate and not condemn. Let’s continue to speak out even after the news coverage goes away. Let’s be an ally.


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I think it is incredibly important to remember the names of those who have been killed because of discrimination. We can’t forget the names. I’m sure this is not a complete list, so if you know of someone else please feel free to put their names in the comments. We are fighting to not have more names make the list.

Here are some links where you can support the movement by signing petitions, donating, or educating yourself.

Black Lives Matter Website

Ways to Help 

George Floyd Petition

George Floyd Memorial Donation

NAACP Donation

12 Ways to Be A White Ally To Black People

These are just a few resources so please feel free to add links in the comments below to other ways we can educate and help! I know I can definitely be more informed than I am now, so I would love to have suggestions from you. If we all work together, I believe we can help make a change.



I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post and felt a little more informed on how you can help! 💗

Do you have any links to share to support the movement? Share them in the comments below! 🥰

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