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This post is in collaboration with the kindest company called..

save} more than natural skincare

“with {save} you are naturally safe.”

{save} are a natural skincare company who produce skincare products that are simple, using natural resources without unnecessary additives and chemicals! They aim to create clean skincare products that protect your skin using gentle formulations. All of their lovely products are also 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free! {save} kindly *gifted* a few skincare products for me to try out and I was more than excited when I unboxed my gifts!

The main thing for me with my skincare is hydration because that’s what my skin needs! I also need products that add a glow to my skin! I have now been using their products daily for the past few weeks and I can honestly say that it has made a difference to my skin!

ABOUT {save}

{save} is a natural skin care line, working to slow down the skin’s ageing process! This skin care brand is perfect also for sensitive skin, thanks to its exceptionally gentle formulas! Women’s safety and health is their highest priority. They work with the most demanding safety requirements, which guarantee that they offer the most effective and safe products. They are also aware that nowadays the term “natural” has been widely used and often misinterpreted. Earning our trust is crucial to them, and they want their claims to be backed by hard evidence. The declared percentage level of nature-derived ingredients in each {save} product, ranging from 92 to 99% was calculated in accordance with the newest international ISO16128 standard “Cosmetics – Guidelines on technical definitions and criteria for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients”.

Their values are:

  • No questionable substances
  • No ingredients which can irritate your skin
  • Keeping the highest European safety standards
  • Respecting all creatures we share this planet with
  • Supporting women’s empowerment
  • Fair and friendly work conditions
  • Respecting Nature

You can find out more here!

My products arrived in beautiful packaging, which I loved! It felt like such a treat to unbox! One of the many things I loved about unboxing my gifts is that you can unfold the packaging and read more inside!! How amazing is that?!?! It answers some FAQs and provides more information on the product, even though the outside of the box provides more than enough! It goes to show how transparent {save} are with their customers! They provide you with as much information as possible to inform you of their product which I think is absolutely incredible!

I was kindly *gifted* the Travel Size Hydrating Facial Cleanser,  Anti-Pollution Moisturiser, and the Soothing Eye Cream!

“say goodbye to dry skin with this facial cleanser.”

The Hydrating Facial Cleanser was really mild! One pump is more than enough for me, it was really smooth when applied on my face! My normal cleanser usually produces a lot of foam and lathers up quite well, whereas this one didn’t! Now I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I wasn’t really that concerned about it! My first use of it, I used it on it’s own and I didn’t feel like it completely cleansed my face, I even used this on my Magnitone Facial Brush, but the product dwindled out! However the following day, I used my usual Biore Charcoal cleanser (which is in My Skincare Routine) and used the Hydrating Facial Cleanser AFTER and it felt a lot better for my skin! I decided to use my hands instead of my facial brush as I didn’t want the product to dwindle out again, and this helped my skin a lot! When I was cleansing my face with this product, it felt really soft and smooth, it glided onto my skin really well! So this is definitely something I will be adding to my updated skincare routine!

{save} claims that the Hydrating Facial Cleanser:

“..will make your skin feel clean and light super hydrating thanks to natural trehalose

..does not strip your skin and leaves it supple and elastic hypoallergenic, free from SLS and fragrance”

and I do agree! My skin did feel clean, light and hydrated! It didn’t feel like my skin was stripped down and it was really mild as it was free from SLS and fragrances!

“protect your skin & prevent early ageing.”

I applied this product after my Hydrating Facial Cleanser!

The Anti-Pollution Moisturiser is a creamy but light formula that absorbed really well into my skin, there is a light fresh smell but it is very mild! This is such a lovely moisturiser for my skin! I accidentally squeezed two pumps of this product on my first use and that was WAY too much, as I got a lot more than I needed! So the next day I made sure I only squeezed out one pump and the lotion was super creamy and hydrating which I loved! It glided onto my skin really well and felt really moisturising! It left my skin feeling really refreshed and hydrated. It also soothed my skin and reduced the redness on my cheeks! It didn’t leave any oily residue, which is a HUGE bonus, and I love how compact the products are!

You will fall in love with it if..

  • You have noticed premature ageing signs
  • Your skin is dried out or sensitive
  • You’re looking for a lightweight yet nourishing moisturiser

{save} claims that the Anti-Pollution Moisturiser:

“..hydrates and locks the moisture

..strengthens protective skin’s barrier

..prevents from UV-radiation damage

..minimises the visibility of wrinkles”

Honestly, I can say that it definitely hydrated and locked in the moisture, I can’t stop touching my skin to feel how smooth it is! As for the other claims, I’ve only been using the product for a few weeks, so I would need longer to see the change, but I do trust that this product will deliver!

“your eyes new best friend.”

I applied this product after my Anti-Pollution Moisturiser!

The Smoothing Eye Cream felt really thin, which I think I think is a really good thing! The thinning of the cream helped the product glide easily onto my skin! It really important to make sure you don’t rub under your eyes a lot when applying eye creams as it can promote faster lines and wrinkles, so applying this product gently felt really cool and smooth on my skin! The skin around your eye is really sensitive, and I feel like this product is really mild and gentle for specifically that reason! This cream left a lovely glow on my skin and with this product, a little goes a very long way!

You will fall in love with it if..

  • Your eyes express tiredness and have lost their beautiful shine
  • You want to get rid of shades under your eyes and you wouldn’t mind to smooth the appearance of wrinkles

{save} claims that the Smoothing Eye Cream:

“..minimises the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles

..strengthens the skin’s microbiome – natural protective barrier

..soothes and calms sensitive under eye skin

..removes dryness and smooths the skin”

This product lives up to some of the claims! It is very soothing and cool when applied, and my skin felt a lot of moisture! As for the other claims, I don’t really have many lines/wrinkles around my eyes, so I can’t give a true review of that!


I’ve been really happy with the skincare products that {save} kindly *gifted* me! I think they are sensitive and soothing on my skin and they all made my skin look and feel good after each use! And the glow afterwards is UNREAL! The packaging is great as the bottle is plastic so it can be recycled! The pump top is really effective and makes it really easy to apply products and only pump out as much as you need for each application! I absolutely love how {save} are vegan, cruelty free and do not put nasty chemicals in their products! Cleaner products means cleaner skin for me!

You can view all {save} skincare products on their website here!





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Huge thanks to {save} for working with me on this blog post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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